How to look after your Jewellery

Jewellery Can Get Damaged Very Easily
Danaged jewelleryUnfortunately most of us don't take the time out after a big long day to place our jewellery safely so as to avoid tangling necklaces, keeping our earrings together and some of us don't even bother to take it off when we do go to bed - Big NO-NO! Leaving jewellery on overnight can lead to necklaces or bracelets getting broken, if a diamond falls loose it may be lost forever without you realising when it fell out so left with no idea of where to look for it (it does happen when you do not get your diamond rings etc reset from time to time). Some people may also find that their fingers swell up over night and therefore it is a very painful experience to try and take off your ring the next morning. You may also hurt your partner over night while wearing big diamond rings.

Storing Your Jewellery
Although everyone has a jewellery box and they do look nice, if you want to look after your Jewellery boxjewellery to the best of your ability, most jewellery is better off hung, this way numerous necklaces cannot get tangled together, and it also means that it is easier for you to browse your jewellery to find the perfect accessories for your outift! The best way to do this is to make something yourself at home, or get your lovely brother/boyfriend/partner to do it for you, this way it can be as extensive as you need or as small as you need if you only have a few pieces of prized possessions. The least thing you require for your jewellery is a standard jewellery box to keep your jewellery together and protected from dust and little children. Hanging your jewellery is definitely the best way to look after it.

Gold Plated and other plated jewellery
Certain jewellery are only made to be worn on special occasions as they cannot withstand everyday wear and tear, as certain conditions such as swimming, showering can make the plating rub off onto your skin and leave a black mark. It doesn't mean the jewellery is not worth buying, it just means that it's not appropriate to be used on a day to day basis.

Jewellery Cleaning ClothJewellery Cloths
Cleaning cloths are an important thing to have. Even if you can't notice that your jewellery is looking a bit dirty and worn, if you rub it with a cloth you will be amazed at how much dirt and grime comes off. These are available from jewellery stores and are fairly cheap if you get them from the right place, they start from approximately $5 from some retailers.

Jewellery Cleaner
There are different kinds of jewellery cleaner available, when searching for a good one, it is best to go to a jeweller that you trust not to just sell you the most expensive one they have on hand, that will sell you quality. A good one that is handy to have covers a few different types such as it cleans gold, platinum, diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Although if you are very particular with your jewellery it may be best for you to get one for each different type of jewellery.

If you have sensitive skin or any worries about using jewellery cleaner you should always check the labels for any warnings and take them seriously, they are chemicals you are putting your jewellery into!